About Our Lactation Cookies

About Nuttier’s Lactation Cookies

Are you a new mommy just jumping into breastfeeding? Struggling to produce more and better quality milk for your little one? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many present-day moms face the same concerns. Sure, there are many supplements out there which boasts to not just increase the supply of milk, but, to improve the quality as well. Problem is, “how much do you know about what’s going into your body?” Many OTC (Over-The-Counter) supplements aren’t well regulated, leaving companies the free-will to “Do as they please”. Remember, what goes into your body, feeds your child as well.

That’s where lactation cookies come in. This has to be one of the best-kept secrets amongst the breastfeeding –moms community. If you’re looking to boost your production and enhance the quality of your breastmilk the All-Natural way, these cookies are definitely the WAY TO GO!

A quick internet search for these cookies yields tons of little companies claiming to produce these little “Miracle” cookies with claims of them being “Healthy” for you. Truth is, the amount of calories, fat and additives that are used to produce them – make them no different from an average store bought cookie. This is done primarily to mask the slightly bitter after-taste of the Brewer’s Yeast – a key active ingredient associated with enhancing the quality and quantity of breastmilk.

Although the main goal of consuming these cookies are to boost the supply and quality, wouldn’t you want to do it the All-Natural, Wholefood way? That’s where Nuttier’s Lactation Cookies come in!

How Ours Are Made

Our lactation cookies are made exactly the same way – with only the finest All-Natural Ingredients, and rudimentary baking techniques. No chemicals, refined oils, or flavor additives. We keep it simple. Our (flourless) cookies are made from a blend of homemade Toasted Australian Oat-mill, coupled with a mix of Raw Unprocessed Dutch Cocoa & Organic Raw Cote d’lvoire Cocao, chopped Organic Dark Chocolate Chunks, and a heaping dose of Organic Raw Brewer’s Yeast, all carefully hand-folded with in a slurry of our signature blend of All-Natural Dry-Roasted Almond Butter, Wild Bush Honey & Organic French Vanilla, into perfect harmony. Baked low & slow to utter perfection.

These are Superfood packed cookies are made perfect for On-The-Go Mommies looking to keep in shape, yet, provide only the best for their little-ones. Minus all the processed, chemical junk.

How much Should I take? And is It Safe? 

There's no specific amount in terms of dosage. The key is to understand that - everyone reacts differently to Brewer's Yeast, or any active ingredients for that matter. That's just genetics. But, one thing's for sure, those who do consume at least a teaspoon a day, through one form or another, have reported a positive increase of anywhere between 30%-50% in their production. Go for about 4 - 5 cookies a day for a start.

For those just getting started, there might be some concerns consuming Brewer's Yeast. We're here to assure you that it is perfectly safe to consume. It's an all natural ingredient used in baking and beer production since ancient times. But, as with all supplements, staying within then recommended dosage is advised. The suggested daily dose for Brewer's Yeast is about 3 tablespoons. And yes, we have kept our dosage within the "recommended daily dose", so you can rest assure that our cookies, and products, and perfectly safe to consume.

Also, if you're on any prescribed medication, do seek your doctors advice; this is to prevent any unintended reactions. 

Why Would Nuttier’s Cookies Help Me Produce More & Better Quality Breastmilk?

That’s a good question. With all that said about Lactation cookies, the question still remains, how does the cookies help you produce more and better quality breastmilk? The answer lies in the ingredients. 3 ingredients to be more specific.

#1 Brewer’s Yeast

Image Source: https://amazingwellnessmag.com/recipes/nutritional-brewers-yeasts

Also known for its’ beer brewing function, Raw Brewer’s yeast contains a significant amount of Iron, 16 protein amino acids, B vitamins, selenium, chromium and other mineral traces. These are the essential building blocks when it comes to the production of milk as well as improving the overall quality.

#2 Oats

Image Source: https://www.drweil.com/diet-nutrition/cooking-cookware/cooking-with-grains-oats/

Rich in Iron and complex carbs, these are the essential building blocks when it comes to increasing milk supply. Low levels of iron, in some cases, have found to be one of the underlying reasons why some moms see a reduced amount of breastmilk production. 

#3 Almonds

Image Source: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/9-proven-benefits-of-almonds

Consuming either in its’ raw form or as a butter, Almonds are a rich source of plant-based protein and calcium. A crucial component towards enhancing the production quality. Having it as part of your diet will be beneficial as it WILL be passed on to your infant during breastfeeding. A rich source of healthy protein and calcium can effectively enhance the growth process of your baby. 

In a Nutshell 

When it comes to your baby’s wellbeing, nothing beats the best. Here at Nuttier, we strive to continuously provide you with nothing but the finest Wholefoods, created in the way it was meant to be, The All-Natural Way. Our Lactation Cookies are no different. We create them with you and your little ones in mind. Chemical free, additives free, preservative free, processed oil free - that’s what you’ll get in each of our cookies.

Our Promise In Every Cookie

Give them a try today! 

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