Organic Mocha-Coconut Almond Butter Oat Cookies

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A Match Made in Heaven. Nothing Better Than Coffee & Chocolate!

Breakfast isn't complete without a cuppa COFFEE! Couple that with decadent chunks of organic dark chocolate and toasted crispy coconut, you've got yourselves a flavour-bursting Grab-And-Go breakfast snack!

Our Artisan Organic Mocha-Coconut Almond Butter Oat Cookies are made through a careful balance of; Our Homemade Toasted Australian Oat Flour, Organic Raw Cote d'lvoire Cacao (Learn more about Cacao), Raw Unprocessed Dutch Cocoa, freshly ground aromatic Robusta Coffee beans, and lightly toasted Organic Coconut flakes.
Hand-folded with an in-house blend of Our Organic All Natural Dry-Roasted Almond Butter, Wild Bush Honey and finished with a touch of pure Organic French Vanilla. Baked low & Slow to utter aromatic perfection.

No Coffee-Lover should do without a tub of these cookies!

With Nuttier's thoughtful Artisan Cookies, snacking need not pack on the pounds!

This is Wholefood at its’ finest.

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In a Nutshell

A touch of Cinnamon & Organic French Vanilla

Calories Per Serve: 140Kcal
Serving Size: 3 Cookies
Number of Serving Per Pack: 5
Cookies Per Pack: 15