Organic Orange Chocolate Almond Butter

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SOOOOOOO Chocolaty with a Citrusy Twist!

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A tantalising marriage of flavours you’ll adore!

Each creamy dollop indulgently chocolaty with a nutty, citrusy finish.

Crafted from a wholesome blend of dry-roasted Organic Californian Almonds, a generous heap of Cote D’Ivoire Organic Raw Cacao and finished with a touch of homemade Organic Orange Powder*.

*Creating Our Organic Orange Powder

To create that perfect, distinctive “candied orange” flavour for your Organic Orange Chocolate Almond Butter, we start with fresh Organic Seville Oranges which are washed, sliced thin and dried for 24-36 hours.

Once ready, we hand-ground them into a fine powder consistency.  

A Spread Jam Packed with Antioxidants, Essential Nutrients and Minerals Shouldn't Taste This Good! 

Need a reason to make the switch? Find our more here about the benefits of All-Natural Almond Butter. 

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In a Nutshell

Nuttier No Nasties Organic Nut Butters

Nuttier Organic Orange Chocolate Almond Butter Ingredients
Nuttier Organic Nut Butter Storage information

Volume Per Jar: 200ml e
Calories Per Serve: 80kcal 
Serving Size: 1 Tbsp (14.3g)
Number of Serving Per Jar: 14