Benefits Of All Natural Almond Butter

Almonds, there are tons of reasons to rejoice over this little gem. High in protein, good source of dietary fiber, healthy fats and jam-packed with vitamins and minerals essential for maintaining a balanced-healthy diet. Making a hand-full of them the perfect mid-day snack!

Naturally, as a rich, creamy-smooth buttery spread not only makes it easier for your gut to digest, but, gives you the versatility to incorporate them into your diet in loads of interesting ways! From smoothies, to protein shakes, slathered over toast or drizzled over a warm bowl of oats - the possibilities are endless! Adding a good dose of nuttiness and sweetness, naturally.

Aside from its’ addictively rich flavour, there are many nutritional reasons to start incorporating this superfood spread into your diet today!

Lets’ look into some of them;


A great source of plant-based protein, a two tablespoon serving provides you with 6.8g of lean, clean protein. Perfect for getting those gains! Try adding a tablespoon of All Natural Organic Almond Butter along with your protein smoothie. Definitely adds an incredible depth of flavour and richness!


This is an important component for those who tend to heavy bingers. Fiber is essential towards making us feel fuller, longer. Having a good amount of fiber in our diet means snacking less, thus, reducing your calorie intake throughout the day.

Two tablespoons of Almond butter has approximately 3.4g of soluble fiber.

Rich Source Of Vitamin & Minerals

This is where Almonds pack a heavy punch! It’s staggering the amount these little jewels store in them; with 3 times as much Vitamin E, 7 times more Calcium, and 2 times as much Iron; compared to regular peanut butter. Furthermore, Vitamin E, is an essential Antioxidant which prohibits the accumulation and development of plaque in your arteries (major cause of heart-attacks).

Source Of Essential Healthy Fats

Yes, Fats. But, not the unhealthy artery clogging type you’re used to hearing. It’s known that most nuts are fat dense. However, Almonds consist almost entirely of Monounsaturated Fats, which is responsible for reducing the risk of heart disease through lowering LDL (Cholesterol) levels in the body.

In a Nutshell

If you ever need a reason to switch from regular ole-Peanut Butter to Almond Butter, these should be plenty! This Nutrient Dense Superfood isn’t just a fad, it’s based on years of extensive scientific research and tests in order to gain such an amazing reputation.

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with sticking to NATURAL peanut butter, just know Almond Butter has its’ place, too, as part of your healthy balanced diet – an oober-delicious tasting option which provides you with substantially greater overall health benefits you’ll experience in the long-run.

A little tip; whether you decide to switch one for the other, or have BOTH (excellent choice if you’d like some variation) just remember the decision should be based on your personal fitness & nutrition goals as well as your dietary needs. The quick guide above should provide you with the necessary information to make a more informed decision.

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