Got questions? Let's see if we can crunch up some of them.

General Queries

Where are you based? 

Right here in Sunny (sometimes rainy) Singapore. 

Do you have a physical shop where I can pick up some items? 

We're really sorry, currently, we're based on an Online Platform. And hey, why go through the hassle of picking it up when we can send it right to your doorstep? We're just a click away. 

 Delivery Queries

When should I expect to have my order(s) delivered to me? 

For easy of delivery for our customers and couriers alike, we have allocated delivery dates on our product page. If you have made a purchase for the indicated date, you should expect to receive it on the stipulated date between 7pm - 10pm.

Click here to learn more about our delivery schedules and some Good-To-Know information. 

Can I request to physically pick up my order?

Yes! To do so, select the option for "Self Pick-Up" as the Shipping Option. We do have a stipulated Day, Time & Location for self pick-ups. You may find more information pertaining to the pick up here

Refund & Exchange

Can I have a refund on my order? 

As these are consumables, refunds are strictly allowed on a case-by-case basis. Should you wish to refund your item, please drop us an email here and we will be more than happy to assist you. Alternatively, you may want to have a read of our Exchange & Refund Policy

Please note that we are unable to adhere to refunds on *Allergy* related grounds. To prevent any health related conditions arising from consuming our products due to *Allergy*, we highly recommend reading the full list of ingredients found in the product on our product page. Rest assure that we will remain transparent with each and every ingredient used. 

 Can I request for an exchange on my order? 

We do have a 7 days return policy on products which are received in an unsatisfactory manner. (i.e. Broken/ Chipped Jar or Broken Seal). You may find more information on our Refund & Exchange Policy Here.

Nutritional & Fitness Queries

Can I loose weight consuming your products? 

Good question. We are NOT and NEVER believers in "Slimming" or "Weight Loss" products (these are just bogus marketing scams). And we are not here to sell you products which claim to do so.

The concept to weight-loss is simple, you are going to NEED to meet a CALORIC DEFICIT of at least 300kcal a day. Now, with that said, it does not necessarily mean you have to starve yourself to achieve it.

Having a nutritious, balanced diet is key. This means - WHOLE FOODS! Forget highly processed, artificial foods that does nothing for you. 

That's where Nuttier comes in, we're here to provide you with the essential dietary, well balanced snacks to help you meet your fitness and nutritional goals! We focus our efforts on crafting products which are derived from nothing but the finest whole foods and flavours from around the world!

If you're looking to get more information on Fitness Tips, check out our  "Fitness Bites" page. 

About Our Products

Whats the difference between Nuttier's Nut Butters and other's on the shelve? 

That's simple really. There are many out there who claim to be "All-Natural", but, if you peek to the back and read the ingredients label, things aren't all that "Natural" after-all huh? You see, to keep those jars on the shelve for an extended period of time, there has to be some sort of preservative(s) or stabilisers used.

Here at Nuttier, we'll have none of that! We make ours the RIGHT way, with nothing but 100% whole food-based ingredients! No Nasties!

How are your products flavoured?

While many store-brands out there are going out of their way to save some cash with the use of chemical flavourings (A.K.A. "Natural Flavouring"- a super nasty man-made concoction using a whole host of chemicals).

Here at Nuttier, we spare no expense! Each and every product flavour is crafted through a thoughtful blend of the finest herbs, spices and fruits! Chemicals has no place in our kitchen!

Why do you run out of stock so quickly?

We're no multinational conglomerate using large factories to churn out stockpiles of products. With the limited prep space and time, we make ours in small batches at a time. This allows us to control the quality and ensures you receive everything fresh-every time.  

How long can my Nut Butters last?

Payment Options

What payment options do you offer? 

We accept a range of payment methods. From Credit/Debit card payments (recommended for orders above $20), as well as Paypal.