Sourcing For The Finest Ingredients

We believe in providing you only the finest ingredient(s) in each and every item on our Artisan Menu. So, unlike other brands out there; who choose to import theirs, we travel direct to the source! Hand-picking and tasting each and every ingredient that goes into our creations.

There's no substitute for PERFECTION, and we believe the only way to maintain the highest quality; is through firsthand experience! Nothing less.

~ Sourcing For The Finest Uji Matcha From Kyoto - Japan ~

To get the finest Matcha - nothing beats travelling directly to the source! Here's how it went down!

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~ Sourcing For The Finest Organic Earl Grey From London - England ~

This season, we've travelled to London, where afternoon tea is practically tradition, to source out the Finest Organic English Earl Grey. Here's a little peak of our journey!

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