About Nuttier

We're All About Making, All-Inclusive, Healthy & Nutritious Eating Taste Awesome! With Our Seasonally-Inspired Flavours Of All Natural, Handcrafted Nut Butters & Wholesome Snacks, Made With Only The Finest Whole Food, 100% Plant-Based Ingredients Hand Sourced From Around The World!

Nuttier Making Whole Foods Taste Awesome

We’re strong believers that healthy snacking - need not taste boring or crappy! We’ve taken on the challenge to break the stigma. Why? Because we are dedicated, and have been, since we started our health & fitness journey back in 2014, to crafting amazing tasting; nutritious snacks through the use of only the finest whole food ingredients hand sourced from all around the world. This, coupled with the use of rudimentary baking techniques to encapsulate the delectable taste of what nature has to offer. We stand-by each and every menu item, from our All Natural Organic Nut Butters to our Wholesome Snacks. Because of a simple reason;

We Eat What You Eat!
 This is an experience like none other, the difference you can taste, the change you need.

We’re just a bunch of health & fitness nuts looking to bring awesome tasting, oober healthy, all-natural snacks to those like us. We’re advocates for pushing hard during your workouts, and working HARDER on your diet. Hey, it isn’t 80%:20% for nothing right? After years committed to health & fitness, we know the importance of putting in good fuel; and how it can make all the difference towards MAKING, or BREAKING your fitness goals.
We had to face the facts; after our national service – WE WERE PHYSICALLY OUT OF IT (ironic we know)! So, to get back in shape, we set out with a goal in mind, "To get fit & healthy" the All Natural Way. No Pills, No Supplements, and definitely No Drugs!
Working out was NEVER the problem. FOOD WAS!
Months after we started our fitness journey, we made a realisation that the commercial food(s), boasting health benefits, were the culprit holding us back from achieving our goals, worse still, it was making us sick. Unscrupulous ethics by large companies are known for hiding chemicals and additives in their ingredients. As such, it got significantly harder, and harder to find wholesome, healthy snacks – especially as a pre & post workout fuel.
This lit the fire in us to start crafting our own snacks in order to achieve what we set out to accomplish. It took a great deal of time to perfect them, but, we ultimately succeeded. Great tasting power-packed snacks, MINUS ALL THE NASTIES.
We knew that if we had faced challenges finding clean, wholesome products that were transparent to their consumers, that many of you were going through the same.
So, we've since made ours available to EVERYONE!
We serve up an ever expanding range of Nuttier Goodness. Whether you're a gym buff, or just looking to keep up a balanced, healthy eating lifestyle, our products are just what you need. From our 100% All Natural Nut Butters to healthy on-the-go GUILT FREE, whole foods inspired snacks, you can bet we've got your nutritional needs in mind.
We handcraft each of our products in small batches to ensure you receive only the best quality.
Go on! We're sure you'll find an oober tasty snack that you'll love!

We take great care to bring you ingredients harvested through the most environmentally responsible and sustainable way possible. As such, we take our physical sourcing internationally. From Australia to the United Kingdom, you can be sure that what you’re getting, are hand-picked from nothing but the finest whole foods have to offer.

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