Cocoa Vs. Cacao. Is There A Difference?

Cacao or Cocoa? Just a spelling difference? Think again! Though both are derived from the Theobroma Cacao Tree, native to South America, the contrast between Cacao and Cocoa are significant. Especially, in relation to their nutritional properties and flavour. This is primarily due to the way in which they are processed.

The bean-to-powder process follows these general steps; 

1. Fermentation
2. Drying 
3. Roasting
4. Crushing - Where beans are removed from their outer hulls, producing what's known as nibs.  
5. Grinding

So here's where things differ.

CACAO powder is made by skipping the Roasting process, followed by Crushing, then Grinding into a fine powder. Retaining that all so aromatic fruity-floral, and nutty flavour distinctive to Cacao, along with all its' nutritional properties!

Cocoa on the other hand, is introduced to the the Roasting process, to aid in the hulling process, and arguably, help develop a deeper flavour, which also, results in a more acidic aftertaste.
Also, with the high levels of heat introduced during roasting, essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidant properties are often destroyed, resulting in an inferior end product.

So, by omitting that simple step, we've established what makes Raw Cacao (un-roasted) a Superfood! Jam-packed with nutrients and minerals which;

  1. Shields our nerve cells from damage
  2. Decreases the risk of cardiovascular issues
  3. Reduce blood pressure
  4. Decreases risk of stroke
  5. Full of Antioxidants 

Here are 4 eye-popping reason that will make you want to start incorporating Raw Organic Cacao into your diet right away; 

#1 Contains 40 Times More Antioxidants than Blueberries

We all know that blueberries really pack-on-the-punch when it comes to loading on those free-radical eliminating Antioxidants. But, recent studies have shown that Raw Organic Cacao contains a whooping 40 Times more antioxidants compared to blueberries. In other words, if blueberries are the vacuum when it comes to absorbing free-radicals, Raw Organic Cacao would be considered a "Black-hole".

#2 Packed Full of Heart & Brain-Healthy Magnesium 

Raw Organic Cacao is one of the greatest source of plant-based magnesium. Which happens to be one of the most common mineral deficiency in many.
Consuming a good amount of Magnesium is known to have a positive effect on both sustaining healthy heart and Brain function. This is achieved through the proper regulation of glucose conversion, allowing your brain to work with laser-sharp clarity and focus. 

#3 More Calcium Than Cow's Milk

If you're looking for a great tasting way to load up on calcium, milk may have to take a back seat. With 160mg/100g vs 125mg/100g of milk, raw cacao definitely takes the cake when it comes to building a stronger bone structure. Perfect for you fitness buffs or breastfeeding mommies. 

#4 Works As An All-Natural Anti-Depressant

Scientifically proven bliss chemicals, namely; Serotonin, Tryptophan, Tyrosine and Phenylenthylamine which are found naturally in Cacao, are essentially neurotransmitters associated with cosy and warm feelings of happiness, and have found to alleviate depression. Now that's a super yummy way to get that happy "Buzz" on!

Sounds amazing right? But before you go chomping down on that Hershey’s Chocolate bar, you need to first understand that there are differences between bars of chocolate, and the quantity of cocoa will determine the health benefits associated with consuming Cacao.

So back to the question, is there a difference between the two, and how do they differ?

Here’s a quick run through;

In a Nutshell

Both may be similar in its' uses, however, nutritionally, Raw Cacao is far superior to that of regular ole' Cocoa. Yes, it may be hard to come by and, should you manage find them in specialty sections of certain grocery stores, it is a little more pricy. Then again, you can't put a price on your overall health and nutrition.

Not to worry, a little goes a long way! Plus, it's really easy to incorporate it into your diet! Simply sprinkle a teaspoon or so over a warm bowl of oats, or add it to your baked goods! You'd be blown-away by the exceptional flavour it provides, compared to that of cocoa.

Which is why, here at Nuttier, we adopt the use of Organic Raw Cacao into both our baked goodies, as well as our nut butters! Ensuring you receive only the best when it comes to your health and nutrition goals! 

Give Cacao A Try!

Never had the privilege of tasting Raw Cacao? You're in luck! We've got a range of goodies - incorporating the use of the Finest Raw Organic Cote d'Ivoire Cacao!

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