Nuttier's Organic Peanut Butter FAQs

YESSSS!!!! Its’ been a long time coming and after countless requests and direct messages, we’ve finally done it! We’re introducing Peanut Butter to our Nut Butter Collection!

So, you might be wondering why it took us such a long time to include this world-renown pantry staple to our menu, well, it’s simple really. We wanted to GET IT ABSOLUTELY RIGHT.

Over the years, Peanut farming and harvesting has been given a “bad-rep, and for good reason, making the selection process a rather complicated one. 

You see, unlike Almonds which are derived from trees, Peanuts are not actually NUTS. They categorised as legumes, meaning they are grown and harvest from soil, making them more susceptible to contamination from grown water chemical runoffs, pests, bacteria and molds. All of which, if not properly processed, once consumed, can cause a host of harmful health related issues. As such, many producers douse heavy amounts of chemical pesticides to protect their crops - most of which, are incredibly hazardous for human consumption.

So, you can understand choosing the right variety from the right source wasn’t an easy feat!

To do so, each and every carefully selected variety had to be tested on our end before finally deciding on the perfect one! So, you can rest assure you’ll be enjoying nothing but the highest quality in every jar!

Each jar of smooth-creamy deliciousness is crafted from the finest Dry Roasted Organic Argentinian Peanuts! With no added sugars, palm oil, hydrogenated oils, or chemical preservatives! Just all natural goodness!


  1. How Should I Store Nuttier’s All Natural Organic Peanut Butter?
    You may store it a room temperature such as in a cupboard or on your countertop. Though refrigeration is not required, it can certainly help extend the shelf-life and slow down the natural oil separation.
  2. Why Is There A Layer Of Oil On The Top Of The Jar?
    We assure you it’s not broken! This is a natural occurrence as the peanut oil separates from the ground peanuts. FUN FACT: This is actually a good sign to determine if the nut butter you’re getting is truly an all-natural product as opposed to one which has added hydrogenated oils, often found in inferior brands.

    Before consuming, simply give it a good stir!
  3. Can My Dog Consume Nuttier’s All Natural Organic Peanut Butter?
    Our Nut Butters are crafted 100% All Natural! With no added sugars, synthetic sweeteners, or chemical preservatives, so, unless your dog has a known peanut allergy, it is completely safe for your four-legged friend to enjoy this oober-tasty treat every now and again!

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