Organic Earl Grey Lavender Almond Butter Cookies

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Bold & Beautiful Earl Grey Lavender.



Nuttier Back To School SALE 2024

Ready For A Bold & Exciting New Flavour? This Season, We're Sending Your Tastebuds To One Of The Tea Loving “Capitals” - LONDON! Where Afternoon Tea Is Quintessentially Tradition!

Inspired By The Luxuriously Aromatic Creation Known As The "London Fog Shortbread Cookie"; We've taken Our Very Own Oober-Healthy Spin On It Without Sacrificing On That All-So Distinctive Flavour!

Crafted From An Exquisite Blend of Our Organic Hand-Ground Toasted Australian Oats, Organic Earl Grey Tea Leaves, Sourced Directly From London, Perfumed With Just a Touch Of Organic Lavender Bulbs. We Combine That With a Slurry Of Our Rich & Creamy All Natural Dry-Roasted Almond Butter & 100% Organic Canadian Maple Syrup - Finished With a Sprinkling Of Organic French Vanilla. 

Doesn't That Sound Like The Perfect Afternoon-Tea Cookie?

With Nuttier's Thoughtful Artisan Cookies, Snacking Need Not Pack on the Pounds!

This is Wholefood at its’ Finest.


Watch How We've Sourced For The Finest Organic English Earl Grey Direct From London to Create This Amazing Seasonal Artisan Cookie!


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Why Not Pair It With Our All Natural Earl Grey-Lavender Almond Butter!

Nuttier Organic Earl Grey Lavender Almond Butter


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Calories Per Serve: 70Kcal
Serving Size: 3 Cookies
Number of Serving Per Pack: 5
Cookies Per Pack: 15