We're Now On Whatsapp!

Here's how you can contact us directly through whatsapp!

First thing's first, for those who do not have "Whatsapp" installed on your mobile device or desktop, simply head on down to your Apple Store or PlayStore to get it! It's ABSOLUTELY FREE! (Yes, we know ALMOST everyone has it now, but still...)

Right Let's start off with the MOBILE Version; 

Step #1 

You'll notice a  on the bottom right hand side of your screen. Click on that icon and it should automatically launch your Whatsapp application on your mobile device. 
Step #2
Now, simply type what's on your mind and hit send!

Here's The Desktop Version

Step #1 

Now, for the desktop version, you're going to need to ensure you have Whatsapp installed, otherwise, this wouldn't work. So, if you've got it installed, on our website, you're going to notice an identical  icon on the bottom right side of the screen. Go ahead and click that.

Step #2 

Once you've clicked on the icon, you'll be redirected to a page as follows; 
Click on "Send". That would prompts you to "Open Whatsapp" click "OK".That should launch the Whatsapp application automatically. 

Step #3

Once the application is opened successfully, go ahead and type what's on your mind and click "Send"! 
There you go! Now there's a much easier way to get in touch! So, do not hesitate! We're always here to help.