All Natural Organic French Vanilla Espresso Almond Butter

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Our Premium Blend of Organic French Vanilla-Espresso Almond Butter is Crafted Through a *Cold Brew* Technique.

A Rich & Creamy Blend of Dry-Roasted USA Almonds, Infused; using a slow & gentle extraction method, with the Aromatic & Robust flavour of the Finest Organic Dark-Roasted Robusta Beans. Perfumed with a touch of Organic French Vanilla. Creating a smooth, intense espresso-inspired spread that's just perfect to perk up your morning brekkie!

If you're into coffee, you can't miss this!

Why a Cold Brew Technique?

Firstly, what is a "Cold Brew" technique? This refers to a slow infusion method of flavour extraction commonly used in the crafting of coffee. As the name suggest, little or no heat is used during the brewing process, which can take anywhere between 16 - 24 hours to achieve "Full-Flavour-Infusion". 

Cold brewing develops not only a far superior flavour and aroma from the beans, but, retains the natural antioxidants, nutrients, and minerals which would otherwise be destroyed; through using excessive amounts of heat. Not to mention, cold brewing produces a far less acidic result, perfect for those with sensitive tummies. 

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In a Nutshell

Volume Per Jar: 200ml e
Calories Per Serve: 80kcal 
Serving Size: 1 Tbsp (14.3g)
Number of Serving Per Jar: 14