Organic Raw Cacao Granola Clusters

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Nuttier The Leanest, Cleanest Granola Vegan Friendly

Craving a mouth-watering crunch with your morning brekkie bowl? Our Organic Granola Clusters are sure to hit the spot!

Each and every pack of clustery goodness is made-to-order from nothing but the finest organic whole food, plant-based ingredients, coupled with low & slow rudimentary dry baking techniques, in small batches, to ensure the freshest quality and consistency in every pack!

Absolutely NO synthetic simple syrups, butter, oils, additives or chemical flavourings - Just simple, dry baked granola, made the way it was meant to be - Pure & Wholesome. 

About Our "Organic Raw Cacao Nut Crunch"

Made from a careful selection of ingredients; We've crafted ours from a blend of Organic Australian Rolled Oats, Crushed Organic Almonds & Cashew Medley, Organic Sunflower Seeds, and just a crack of Organic Pink Himalayan Sea Salt.
Hand-folded with a slurry of 100% Pure Organic Canadian Maple Syrup, Organic Dutch Unprocessed Cocoa, Raw Organic Cote d'Ivoire Cacao (Learn More about Cacao), and a hint of Organic French Vanilla Beans. Dry-Baked low & slow to utter crunchy perfection. A lean-clean unique blend like nothing you've ever tasted.

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Nuttier Organic Raw Cacao Nut Granola
Nuttier Organic Raw Cacao Nut Granola Lactation Friendly


Calories Per Serve: 190Kcal
Serving Size: 1/3 Cup (45g)
Number of Serving Per Pack: 8
Per Pack: 300g (Approx)

Shelf Life: 2 Months from date of Delivery