All Natural Organic Raw Cacao Almond Butter

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Rich. Creamy. Luxuriously-Chocolatey! 

An Indulgently Rich, Creamy - Antioxidant Packed Chocolate Spread With Your Morning Toast (Hold All The Refine Sugars, Additives, and Preservatives)? YOU GOT IT!

Crafted From The Finest Organic Raw Ecuadorian Cote D'Lvoire Cacao, Whipped Together With A Heap Of 100% Roasted USA Almonds And You've Got Yourselves A Pallet Pleasing, Bitter-Sweet Chocolate Spread That Gives "Nutel-WHAT" A Run For Their Money!

Our All Natural Organic Raw Cacao Almond Butter Boasts A Robust, Mildly Bitter-Sweet Flavour With Subtle Earthy Notes.

Made Through A Slow & Meticulous Infusion Process, Our Spread Not Only Presents a Full-Bodied Flavour, Yet, Retains It's Nutritional and Antioxidant Properties Distinct To Raw Cacao.

A Chocolate Lover's Indulgence!

Need a reason to make the switch? Find our more here about the benefits of our All-Natural Almond Butter.

Learn More about The Differences Between Cocoa Vs. Cacao!

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In a Nutshell



Volume Per Jar: 200ml e
Calories Per Serve: 80kcal 
Serving Size: 1 Tbsp (14.3g)
Number of Serving Per Jar: 14